GROUND STRUCTURES ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS offers consulting services in mining geostatistics for both mineral exploration and mining. Geostatistics is used to estimate the mineral content and grade distribution within an ore deposit. The grades within the deposit reflect both structured and random components as evidenced by the presence of rich and poor grade zones in the same ore deposit. A deterministic analysis of an ore deposit neglects the existence of both rich and poor grade zones in the same deposit. Geostatistics considers both the random and structured nature of ore deposits and is the best mathematical method for analyzing ore deposits. GROUND STRUCTURES mining geostatistics consulting services include:

  • Determination of Experimental Semivariograms
  • Modeling of Theoretical Semivariograms
  • Kriging
  • Co-Kriging
  • Disjunctive Kriging
  • Developing Grade/Tonnage Curves
  • Sampling Plan Development

The professionals at GROUND STRUCTURES have developed several computer programs to support our mining geostatistics practice. In addition, the firm also utilizes several commercial software packages, including the GEOEAS package and GEOPACK developed by the Center for Subsurface Modeling Support (CSMOS).